Edinburgh things to do and see

Someone asked about things to do and see in Edinburgh .. this initially written on 20 September 2009

Harvey Nichols has a good restaurant with views; Valvona & Crolla has a branch in the same complex (though their main shop is on Leith Walk). Other interesting shopping along Thistle St; George St has the good retail brand stores.

For a longer walk, with great viewpoints all over the city, climb up Calton Hill - good paths, good exercise, likely to be windy. Best single point for seeing how much the city has changed.

There's a new commercial area at Fountainbridge, with development along the Union canal.

We had a good, interesting dinner at Magnum, and a fancier one at Stac Polly.
The George Hotel does old fashioned tea and is a good place to stay if that's the right price range. We stayed at the Roxburghe; it has a decent swimming pool. www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk/

'The Discovery of Spain' at the National gallery is well worth seeing - it also has a good restaurant.

If you haven't been to the castle, and want to introduce someone to Scottish history, it is worth a visit; should be less mobbed than in high season. Then walk all the way down the High Street/Royal Mile to Holyrood - new Parliament building is next to the Palace.

The 'lifestyle' magazine distributed free to businesses in the city is online at http://www.ionmagazine.co.uk/

_Do not_ contemplate having a car in the city; it has long term diggings and rerouting due to tram installation, and ferocious parking restrictions. Taxis are most reliably found at taxi stands, though licensed taxis pick up in the street. Central Taxis, 0131 229 2468.

The best chocolate is at 27b Raeburn Place - Stockbridge Chocolatiers ..

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