CENSIS21 in Edinburgh, October 2015

One of the Scottish Innovation Centres, CENSIS, for Sensor and Imaging Systems, ran a review of current and soon to be available technology in Edinburgh, and invited me along - here are my notes from the event.

Excellently run, some early stage ideas, and some more mature technology. The IoT space is a very long way from turn-key systems and end to end systems architecture, especially for continuous services.

Presenting companies

Odos Imaging, Edinburgh, Less than 10 staff.
3D time of flight cameras, 1280×1024 pixel resolution. Since the event they have launched a developer program.

Global Surface Intelligence, Edinburgh, Less than 10 staff.
Processing time series of remote sensing satellite data for predictive modelling and forecasting.

TRAC Oil & Gas, Aberdeen, Close to 400 staff.
Looking for partners to improve inspection and fault detection in exploration and extraction. Wind turbines as well as pipelines and platforms have corroded and eroded. Finding the faults before they have a major failure is critical. 2 - 4 Tbytes of data can be generated by 2 weeks of testing, and take 6 months of analysis.

Building alliances and an IoT ecosystem, and a new group with 1300 staff for helping businesses with IoT. BlueMix is the platform (runs on SoftLayer) for an IBM end to end solution.

Libellum, Zaragoza, Spain, 60 staff
Selling a hardware platform (Wasp mote) to cities to enable partners to develop apps. UK installations in Dublin, Newcastle. Use to monitor rubbish bin levels, air quality (sensors on buses), water, parking, street lights, etc.

Stream Technologies, Glasgow 50 - 100 staff
Network as a service specifically for IoT ... cellular, wired backhaul, satellites. ..long term relationships so that sensor data can be got to servers with appropriate redundancy and one bill. A complete 'IoT business in a box' for sale to network operators. Reports live service status.

Attendee companies

DD analytics, Edinburgh, David Alexander Dickie
Medical imaging analysis - demonstrating analysis of brain images, to be used for improving diagnosis.

Sensor-Works, Livingston, Edinburgh, less than 10 staff
Industrial machinery monitoring sensors with very small footprint, both in physical size and power consumption. Neat packaging, can be self-powered from vibration and/or use batteries.


Lockheed Martin - have a strong security focus in the Information Systems and Global Solutions group, and an office in Aberdeen for the oil & gas business.

Cisco Systems - IPv6 was barely mentioned by any of the presenters. IoT devices don't necessarily require IP addresses.

Adrok, Edinburgh
Subsurface scanner using atomic dielectric resonance



Slides https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pcti00upgdb344r/AACqzq_oOCx-GwBzVcrkLjv0a?dl=0





Ian Reid, CENSIS CEO, did a very good job of positioning the content of the day. The event ran on time, and had a good balance between useful content and time to talk to the other attendees.
Held at the Royal College of Physicians venue on Queen St - good location and very effective venue for this kind of group.