Readings - Infrastructure

Selected from this week's passing stream as worth reading. There's more room here to make notes than on Twitter.

SGI is offering a supercomputer cloud
Rent time on dedicated servers and storage for 95 cents per core hour + 20cent /GB/month.
The Nehalem-EP Xeon 5500 quad-core cluster uses Infiniband interconnect.
The Altix 4700 Itanium-based cores use global shared memory with NUMAlink 4 interconnects.
Nvidia's Tesla GPUs or AMD FireStream GPUs are available as co-processors.
Pre-loaded application list - OpenFOAM, NUMECA, Acusolve, LS-Dyna, Gaussian, Gamess, NAMD, Gromacs, LAMMPS, DL-POLY, BLAST, FASTA, HMMER, ClustalW, OntoStudio, and SemanticMiner.

More from the Register. SGI press release.

JDSU announced an enterprise service testing module using cPacket technology
This project had started before I left cPacket in 2008, and it's encouraging to see the prototype development get to the product announcement stage. I'm an investor in cPacket Networks.

JDSU T-berd 4000 handheld device with 7" screen - product description. ESAM module press release

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