500 Startups Demo Day 17 July 2012

Worthwhile afternoon at the Microsoft Mountain View campus

Notable startups -
Chalkable, a platform for apps for schools
ToshL, worldwide financial management (from Estonia)
Monogram - personalized shopping platform for iPad
StoryPanda - kids stories on iPad

The most interesting people in terms of velocity and traction were Tokyo Otaku Mode - 6 million people like its anime content. Will be interesting to see them monetize. There were a surprising number of startups focused on clothing and helping people to dress better.

Dave McLure was neither so manic nor so rude as he's been reported. Anyone considering emulating his schtick (he's known for what Americans call, quaintly, "f-bombs") shouldn't - it doesn't scale up well.

All the companies, logos and links to press coverage http://500.co/2012/07/25/recap-500-demo-days/
Techcrunch has a short description for what each company does - the accelerators should do this for their companies http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/17/500-startups-demo-day-fourth-summer-2012/

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