Nanog 57 notes

NANOG 57 was held 4-6 Feb 2013, in Orlando FL. I missed it, and have been behind hand in catching up.
For future reference, some notes on the most interesting sessions.

Review of physical effects of Hurricane Sandy - the fuel shortage, for generators and vehicles, was extreme - hospitals get to pre-empt fuel trucks from their previously comitted contracts to supply communications facilities. Datapipes bought their own truck, had it driven from Texas to NY.

Tim Stronge, TeleGeography on international submarine cable developments - Africa could use a lot more cable, but has no funded projects. There are 4 projects funded for Latin America. No more than 25 - 30 % of existing cable capacity is lit.

Nicolas Guilbaud and Ross Cartlidge, Google on topology aware network testing - current network uses current best path only, need to identify back up paths and potential problems on those. Source route test packets.
With source routing, we can target what gets monitored and ensure full layer3 coverage.
Framing the problem as an optimisation .."Find the best list of links that explains each faulty path"

Agenda, with links to pdf, and to the video of each session

Meeting notes, close to verbatim, courtesy of Matthew Petach
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Next meeting in New Orleans, June 3 - June 5, 2013