Edinburgh, early May 2013

Am in Edinburgh for a week. Have been enjoying the dry spring weather - the locals tell me this is the best weather they've seen for months. Traffic wardens are going about with their sleeves rolled up.

I'm giving a techtalk on Wednesday evening, at the Appleton Tower. Start time 18.30, 8th floor, as part of the Tech Meetup talk series.
Title 'Behind the Cloud - pointers to the future' - reviewing the current state of Cloud Services as infrastructure, the opportunities made possible by those services, and some of the interesting companies with which I'm involved which are building technology to use and improve the Cloud.

Will be at the EIE13 investor conference on Thursday, at the Assembly Rooms - send email to info@cunningsystems.com if you want to meet up.


Have just completed mentoring for TechStars Cloud, and will mentor for the upcoming TechStars London program. Cunning Systems evaluates product and service ideas in computing and communications.